A Short Overview On Web Directories

Saturday, December 1st, 2012

A lot of website owners and marketers use web directories to increase their page rank but not everybody really knows the process and the advantages behind this practice. Here is how to make sure that you choose the best option for your website and use this strategy to market your blog.

The first issue we need to address is a general knowledge about web directories; a web directory can be defined as a website that contains links to other websites, all arranged in different categories. Some consider it the equivalent to Yellow Pages on the internet, but others believe that it is much more efficient than that. A lot of web directories usually have fewer categories and let users submit their own blog with later or immediate approval, which makes it different than Yellow Pages. When you add your website to the directory, you will get more exposure and people will find it easier on different search engines; this works on a principle based on backlinks. Backlinks are links that track to your website and automatically increase your page rank with Google. They also work well with advertising your website; the more people check out web directories, the more exposure you can get. When they will search a term related to your website on a search engine, you will get more advantages if you are subscribed on different web directories. Also, with the categories and easy browsing, they make the perfect method to get more fans. If a person is just looking for something fun to read and you have, for example, a website that is entertaining, they will see it in that category, access it and ultimately even bookmark it and sharing it. This will increase both your traffic and your page rank.

There are many web directories, some well-known such as Yahoo but there are also smaller ones that might be really useful when trying to create backlinks. However, you shouldn’t go for any obscure web directory because they could imply more effort than what you benefit or their webmaster doesn’t update often which eventually leads to a big waste of time.

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