– The Biggest Opportunity For Bloggers – The Biggest Opportunity For Bloggers

Saturday, December 1st, 2012 is a tool that promotes bloggers and helps them gain success online by using a set of tools to collect, highlight and distribute content online. It is known to be the first blog search engine and has expanded over the years becoming one of the main tools bloggers use to promote their content. It also helps bloggers connect with advertisers through its ad network where advertisers might want to benefit from the traffic and gain potential customers through famous blogs.

It seems that indexes more than one million blog and is a source for news, stories, opinions and photos, making sure that its users are receiving the latest information available. It covers a big range of categories, from news, entertainment or lifestyle to politics, business or technology. It uses a system based on authority and influence online. It seems that Technorati has increased its audience over the years to over 300 million unique visitors a month worldwide and it has been nominated as the 4th largest social media property, the 3rd largest blog property and the world’s first and largest blog search engine.

 Those who might want to submit their blog on the website might find the ranking system a bit weird. However, it is easy to understand; the Technorati measurements are authority and influence. Authority measures the way a website influence the blogosphere and its standing. However the Authority is very flexible and it might rise or fall depending on various circumstances. This is definitely not about the blog influence in all domains, but the influence within its subject category, which may include having links from similar blogs or being cited.

Ranks on the other hand are given within categories based on the Authority. 1 is the highest rank and the higher rank you have the more visibility you get. However, if your blog is in another language than English you won’t be able to benefit from Technorati because it has decided to stop indexing the blogs and websites in other languages to make sure that it focuses and brings the best out of the English blogosphere.

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